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January 2012 Archive

january 30, 2012

GPhoto of an older woman.

How Often Should Women Have Bone Tests?

Older women should have regular bone density tests to screen for osteoporosis. But it’s been unclear how often to repeat the tests. A new study finds that some patients might safely wait 15 years between tests.

Confocal micrograph shows scattered green areas in red intestinal tissue.

Manganese May Prevent Toxin Damage

New research suggests that manganese may block the deadly effects of Shiga toxin. The finding may lead to cheap, effective treatments for dangerous foodborne infections that affect millions worldwide.

Image of virus and blow-up of inner virus structure.

Looking Inside Viruses

Since the discovery of the microscope, scientists have tried to visualize smaller and smaller details of cells and microbes. Now, researchers have developed a new way to see tiny structures within viruses.

january 23, 2012

Graphic of hip showing metal-on-metal implant.

Body Produces “Industrial” Lubricant for Metal Hip Implants

In the body, metal-on-metal hip implants develop a lubricating layer that's more like an industrial lubricant than joint fluid. The finding may aid design of longer-lasting implants.

Photo of a doctor examining a patient’s arm.

Researchers Find Cause of Rare Immune Disease

Scientists identified a genetic mutation that causes cold temperatures to trigger allergic reactions—a condition called cold urticaria. The research points toward a potential cure and sheds light on immune system functions.

Scanning electron micrograph showing a long stalk with multiple beaded strands at the tip.

New Insights Into Old Anti-Fungal Drug

For more than 50 years, doctors have used the drug Amphotericin B to treat systemic fungal infections. A new study reveals a novel mode of action for the drug. The finding may lead to improved anti-fungal medications.

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