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December 2007 Archive

DECEMBER 17, 2007

a photo of an older woman having her blood pressure taken.

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Chest pain or discomfort has long been regarded as the most common early warning sign of a heart attack for both men and women. However, several recent reports have found that women are more likely to have other symptoms of a heart attack. A new study looked at the available evidence and concluded that chest pain is the most common sign of heart attack for most women.

a photo of a man and a woman jogging

Fitness Predicts Longevity in Older Adults

Being physically fit after age 60 helps you live longer, regardless of your body's fat content, according to a new study.

Photo of a free rat and a rat in a transparent tube.

Pheromones Trigger Aggression Between Male Mice

A family of proteins commonly found in mouse urine can spark a fight between male mice, researchers have found. The finding is a major step in understanding how chemical cues called pheromones communicate messages between mammals.

DECEMBER 10, 2007

a photo of an African American woman and her female doctor discussing X-ray results.

New Calculations Assess Breast Cancer Risk in Black Women

Researchers have devised a new and improved method for calculating breast cancer risk in African American women. The technique, called the CARE model, finds that earlier formulas may have underestimated the odds of black women developing breast cancer.

a photo of two preschool-age children looking at a book.

Preschool Program Improves Cognitive Control

An innovative curriculum significantly improved several cognitive skills in low-income, urban preschool children, a new study found. The improvement came without any special equipment, using regular teachers in public school classroom

Photograph of long, tubular bacterium.

Controlling Cholera with Oral Vaccines

Cholera has been virtually eliminated in the United States. However, it continues to pose problems in areas without modern sewage and water treatment systems. The disease might be controlled in such areas, according to a new study, if as few as half the people got an oral cholera vaccine

december 3, 2007

a photo of stacks of clear plastic cell culture flasks with red liquid.

Versatile Human Stem Cells Created Without Embryos

Two separate research teams have figured out how to "reprogram" cells with just a handful of genes to give them the characteristics of embryonic stem cells. The breakthrough may eventually put to rest the ethical controversy surrounding stem cells.

a photo of a rhesus macaque searching for pests on a mate.

Embryonic Stem Cell Milestone Achieved in Primates

Researchers have achieved a major milestone in embryonic stem cell research: they isolated embryonic stem cells for the first time from a cloned primate embryo. The technique, if developed in humans, could potentially be used to make personalized stem cells to treat diseases without worry of rejection by the patient's immune system.

a photo of a man having a consultation with his doctor

Obesity May Skew Results of Prostate Cancer Test

A widely used blood test for detecting the earliest stages of prostate cancer may fail to spot the disease in obese men because of their greater blood volume, according to a recent study. The finding suggests that clinicians may need to rethink the way they interpret the results of prostate cancer blood tests in extremely overweight patients.

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