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August 2011 Archive

AUGUST 29, 2011

Photo of a stubbed-out cigarette.

Smoking and Bladder Cancer

Current cigarette smokers have a higher risk of bladder cancer than previously reported, according to new research. The study also found that the proportion of bladder cancer due to smoking in women is now the same as for men.

Molecular model of gp120, in red, with a green area on surface.

Making Antibodies That Neutralize HIV

Researchers have traced in detail how certain powerful HIV—neutralizing antibodies evolve, providing vital clues to guide the design of a preventive HIV vaccine.

Micrograph of a round cell with many long and slender protrusions.

Learning How Support Cells Kill Nerve Cells in ALS

Supportive cells called astrocytes become toxic to muscle-controlling nerve cells in people who have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The finding offers new opportunities for investigating potential therapies.

August 8, 2011

Illustration of kidneys in a translucent body.

Treatment Helps With Kidney Transplants

About 1 in 3 candidates for kidney transplantation has a condition that causes their bodies to immediately reject transplanted organs. A new treatment promises to boost transplant success for these patients.

Photo of a boy with Proteus Syndrome.

Gene Defect Linked to Disfiguring Disorder

Scientists have identified the faulty gene responsible for Proteus syndrome, a rare disorder marked by uncontrolled growth of certain body tissues and organs. The finding could offer insights into cancer progression and treatment.

Illustration of nerve cells in brain.

Serotonin Helps Control Body Temperature and Breathing

Serotonin-producing cells in the mouse brain play an essential role in maintaining a healthy balance in body temperature and breathing. The finding might help to shed light on sudden infant death syndrome and certain other disorders.

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