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October 1999

October 22-31, 1999
NIAID Study: Rapid Rebound of HIV and Reappearance of HIV Reservoirs in Patients Treated With IL-2 and Combination Antiretroviral Drugs Following Cessation of Therapy, October 27, 1999
NIH Appoints Dr. Paul Coates to Head Office of Dietary Supplements, October 26, 1999
Finding on Dietary Fiber and CVD Risk from the CARDIA Study, Statement from Dr. Claude Lenfant, Director, NHLBI, October 26, 1999
Note to Reporters/Editors:Three NHLBI Studies reported in the JAMA Obesity Issue, NHLBI, October 26, 1999

October 15-21, 1999
NIAID Funds Three Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Research Centers, October 20, 1999
Help Now Available for People with Low Vision -- New Program Targets 1 in 20 Americans, October 19, 1999
Federal Institutes and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Create Tobacco Use Research Centers, October 18, 1999
The NIH Is Releasing New Curriculum Supplements with Findings on Infectious Diseases, Cancer, and Genetics, October 18, 1999
New Tests for Blood Clots, Lung Cancer Use NIDCR Patented Technology, October 18, 1999

October 8-14, 1999
Notice of Meeting: COPR, October 15, 1999
New NIAMS Grant Targets Osteoporosis in Men, October 15, 1999
Study Points to Role of Nitric Oxide in New Treatments for Sickle Cell Anemia, October 14, 1999
Conference Promotes Environmentally Responsible Research, October 13, 1999
Institute Publishes "Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment", October 12, 1999
NIH Grantee GŁnter Blobel Wins Nobel Prize for Protein Signaling Discovery, October 11, 1999
NCI Awards First Contracts for Unconventional Innovations Program, October 8, 1999

October 1-7, 1999
Statement of Secretary Shalala on the Departure of NIH Director Harold Varmus, October 7, 1999
NCI Begins Funding Early Detection Research Network: 18 Biomarker Developmental Laboratories Seek Tests for Common Cancers, October 6, 1999
New Model Suggests That AIDS Drugs May Not Abolish HIV Infection, October 6, 1999
NIH Office of Dietary Supplements Announces Funding of Dietary Supplements Research Centers, October 6, 1999
NCI Announces SPORE Grants for Ovarian Cancer Research, October 6, 1999
NIAID Spearheads Collaborative Network for Clinical Research on Immune Tolerance, October 6, 1999
Stephen E. Straus, M.D., Appointed Director, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at NIH, October 5, 1999
Mouse: Next in Line for DNA Sequencing, October 5, 1999
Normal Cellular Enzyme Becomes Marker for Alzheimer's Disease, October 1, 1999
Alcohol Researchers Confirm Molecular Culprit of Alcohol-Induced Liver Damage, October 1, 1999

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