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October 1997

October 22-31, 1997
NICHD Scientist, NICHD Grantees Among Presidential Early Career Award Winners, October 31, 1997
Panel Recommends that Saccharin Remain on U.S. List of Carcinogens, October 31, 1997
Vice President to Attend NIH Groundbreaking. New Clinical Facility will Host State-of-the-Art Research, October 31, 1997
11 NIH Nominees Receive Presidential Awards, October 31, 1997
NTP Advisory Group Makes Recommendations for Ninth Report on Carcinogens, October 30, 1997
A New Registry for Primary Immune Deficiency Diseases, October 30, 1997
NIH Holds Groundbreaking for New Clinical Research Facility, October 29, 1997
Consensus Development Conference on Acupuncture, October 29, 1997
HIV Subterfuge Revealed, October 29, 1997
NIH Sponsors Training Program to Help Senior Citizens Find Health Information on the Internet, October 28, 1997
Study Advances Development of Gene Therapy for Chronic Granulomatous Disease, October 28, 1997
The National Cancer Institute Launches Education Campaign on Mammography and Breast Cancer Risk, October 27, 1997
NIEHS Booklet Spells Out Environmental Diseases From A to Z, October 27, 1997
New Scientific Review of Saccharin to be Discussed as Board Reviews Proposed Listings for 9th Report on Carcinogens, October 27, 1997
NLM Launches "Frankenstein" Exhibition and Film Series, with Special Guest, Sara Karloff, October 27, 1997
NIDR Supports Total Genome Studies of Major Oral Pathogens, October 23, 1997
Science Writers Briefing on Lupus, October 23, 1997
Oral Vaccine Protects Infants from Severe Rotavirus Diarrhea, October 22, 1997
Saliva: Your Spitting Image, October 22, 1997

October 15-21, 1997
Worldwide Study Predicts Alzheimer's Risk, October 21, 1997
Initial Awards are Announced under International Training and Research Program in Emerging Infectious Diseases, October 20, 1997
Long-Time NIH Grantee Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry, October 15, 1997
Patients with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Sought for Research at NIH, October 15, 1997

October 8-14, 1997
NIH Statement: Calcium Channel Blockers and Breast Cancer Risk, October 14, 1997
Progressive Brain Changes Detected in Childhood Onset Schizophrenia, October 14, 1997
NIH Symposium to Outline and Discuss' Environmental Genome' to Study Chemical Susceptibility, October 10, 1997
Novel Treatment "Knocks Out" Persistent Pain, October 9, 1997
NCI Announces Initiative with Ortho Biotech for Cancer Survivor Issues, October 8, 1997
New Science-Based Drug Education Materials Available for Students and Teachers, October 8, 1997

October 1-7, 1997
Bathtub Seats No Substitute for Parental Supervision, Study Finds, October 6, 1997
Long-Time NIH Grantee Stanley B. Prusiner Wins Nobel Prize, October 6, 1997
OAR Director Dr. William Paul to Leave Office of AIDS Research and Return to Laboratory Science, October 3, 1997
Mind Over Matter — A New Science Education Program, October 3, 1997
Two New Studies Suggest that Caloric Restriction in Monkeys May Extend Their Life and Health, October 2, 1997
Data From Iodine-131 Fallout Study Now Available, October 1, 1997
St. John's Wort Study Launched, October 1, 1997

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