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October 2000

October 22-31, 2000
National Meeting in Los Angeles to Focus Attention on Drug Addiction and Treatment, October 31, 2000
Fertility Researchers Discover New Gene Essential for Female Fertility, October 30, 2000
Scientists Report Advance in Tackling Common Viral Respiratory Disease, October 30, 2000
President Honors Outstanding Young Scientists, October 30, 2000
National Meeting in Los Angeles to Focus Attention on Drug Addiction and Treatment, October 30, 2000
NIH Consensus Conference Will Discuss Latest Research on Adjuvant Therapy for Breast Cancer, October 25, 2000
NHLBI Publishes Update on High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy, October 24, 2000
Access to Substance Abuse Treatment for Medicaid Clients Improves With Oregon Model for Financing Treatment Under Managed Care, October 24, 2000
Fogarty International Center Announces New AIDS International Training and Research Program Grants, October 23, 2000

October 15-21, 2000
Study Shows Air Pollution Slows Lung Function Growth in Children, October 20, 2000
Dr. Raynard S. Kington to Direct Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research, October 20, 2000
Single Gene Makes Killer Malaria Parasite Resistant to Chloroquine, October 19, 2000
Blending Addiction Treatment and Research will be focus of Meeting in Los Angeles, November 1- 2, 2000, October 18, 2000
NIAID Awards Major Malaria Vaccine Research Contract, October 18, 2000
NIH Consensus Panel Recommends Comprehensive Approach to Life Long Care for PKU, October 18, 2000
Firefly Gene Lights Up to Detect Toxic Dioxin, October 18, 2000
Initial Awards Announced Under New International Bioethics Education and Career Development Award, October 17, 2000
Transgenic Mice Aid Research into Deadly Cancer, October 16, 2000
NIDA Researchers Find That Animals Exposed to Marijuana's Active Component Will Self-Administer the Drug, October 15, 2000

October 8-14, 2000
Drugs Found to Protect the Kidneys, October 13, 2000
Inhaled Steroids Safe and Effective for Children with Asthma, NHLBI Study Shows, October 11, 2000
NIH Grantees Awarded Nobel Prize in Economics, October 11, 2000
Genome Sequencing Sheds Light on Bacterium Harmful to Newborns, October 11, 2000
NIH Grantees Awarded Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, October 11, 2000
Public and Scientific Comment Sought on Expert Panel Reports On the Possible Human Reproductive Effects of Seven Phthalates, October 11, 2000
NIH Consensus Conference Will Examine Latest Research on PKU Diagnosis and Treatment, October 11, 2000
Gene Alterations for Cystic Fibrosis May Also Account for Chronic Sinus Problems in Some, October 10, 2000
NIDCD/VA Clinical Trial Finding Can Benefit Millions with Hearing Loss, October 10, 2000
NIH Grantees Awarded Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for Brain Research, October 9, 2000
Remarkable Advances in Ribosome Structure Studies Are Focus of Stetten Symposium on October 18, October 9, 2000
October 1-7, 2000
Community Prevention Research in Women's Health Conference Begins on Thursday, October 26th, October 6, 2000
NIH Funds Centers for Biomedical Research Excellence, October 6, 2000
NCCAM Awards Grants To Establish Two Specialized Cancer Research Centers, October 5, 2000
Shorter AZT Treatment Reduces Mother to Child HIV Transmission as Well as Longer Treatment but for Less Cost, October 4, 2000
NHLBI Launches Genomic Applications Initiative — $37 Million Awarded in Initial Effort, October 2, 2000
The Visible Humans Grow Up, October 2, 2000
Topical Application of a Protein Heals Wounds, October 1, 2000
MS Clinical Trials Confirm Approach, Demonstrate Need to Refine Targeted Peptide Therapy, October 1, 2000

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