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November 1997

November 22-30, 1997
Molecular Clocks Throb throughout Fruit Flies, November 27, 1997
NICHD to Receive Half Million Dollar Grant from American Medical Association to Conduct Pediatric Pharmacology Research, November 25, 1997
Herpes Virus Strain Identified as a Trigger in Multiple Sclerosis, November 24, 1997
Targeted Protein Toxin Effective Against Persistent Brain Tumors, November 24, 1997
Study Confirms Deficit in the Brainstem of SIDS Victims, November 24, 1997
Reanalysis of International Data Finds Sharp Decline in Sperm Density, November 24, 1997
CDC and NIH Join in Testing Exposure of Americans to Environmental Estrogens and Other Chemicals, November 24, 1997

November 15-21, 1997
Recent Trends in Prostate Cancer Incidence and Mortality, November 21, 1997
Change in Policy of Supporting New Investigators, November 21, 1997
NIH Consensus Panel Recommends Expanding Access to and Improving Methadone Treatment Programs for Heroin Addiction, November 19, 1997
Genetic Variation for Enzyme in Lung May Point to Cancer Susceptibility Gene, Mechanisms that May Cause Cancer, November 19, 1997
Treatment Does Not Delay Physical Maturity in Girls Who Survive Leukemia, November 19, 1997
In Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, Vermont and parts of Canada: Why Are the Frogs Malformed? — Parasites, Pesticides and/or UV? Is There a Broader Problem for Human Health?, November 18, 1997

November 8-14, 1997
NIH Office of Research on Women's Health Sponsors National Scientific Workshop To Set the Agenda for Research on Women's Health for the 21st Century, November 13, 1997
NIH Consensus Development Conference on Effective Medical Treatment of Heroin Addiction, November 13, 1997
HIV Persists and Can Replicate Despite Prolonged Combination Therapy, November 13, 1997
Note to Reporters and Editors: Folkman to Give NIH Lecture Nov. 19 , November 13, 1997
NCI's Office of Cancer Survivorship Awards Money for 20 New Studies, November 13, 1997
Secretary Shalala Announces Partnership to Increase Teen Calcium Consumption, November 12, 1997
Study Shows Low Costs Of Improving Mental Health Care Coverage Under Managed Care, November 11, 1997
New Public Service Campaign Targets Needless Blindness, November 11, 1997
Research Brings Hope for Veterans and Millions of Other Americans
Who Suffer From Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
, November 10, 1997
Genetic and Environmental Influences in Alcoholism, November 10, 1997
7-Year-Olds' Neurological Development Shows Delays From Methylmercury in Mothers' Diets During Pregnancy, November 10, 1997

November 1-7, 1997
Gene Locus Found for Essential Tremor Disorder, November 7, 1997
NCI Selects First Members of New Director's Consumer Liaison Group, November 6, 1997
New High Blood Pressure Guidelines Released by the NHLBI, November 6, 1997
NIH Panel Issues Consensus Statement on Acupuncture, November 5, 1997
Science Writers Briefing on Lupus, November 5, 1997
NIH Scientists Find Nicotinic Receptor in Brain: May Help to Explain Epilepsy, Alzheimer's, Addiction, November 5, 1997
NIH Scientists Discover How Restricted Diets Slow Cancer; Advance Suggests a Drug Might Be Developed to Do the Same, November 1, 1997

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