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November 2004

November 22-30, 2004
Benefits and Risks of Tamoxifen are Similar in African American and White Women, November 30, 2004
Fogarty International Center Announces Research Training Grants to Tackle AIDS and Tuberculosis, November 30, 2004
NIH Awards $1 Million to UNC for Genome Fingerprint Scanning Program, November 30, 2004
Brains of People with Autism Recall Letters of the Alphabet In Brain Areas Dealing With Shapes, November 29, 2004
Bevacizumab Combined With Oxaliplatin-Based Chemotherapy Prolongs Survival for Previously Treated Patients With Advanced Colorectal Cancer, November 29, 2004
NIH Convenes State-of-the-Science Conference on Improving End-of-Life Care, November 29, 2004
The National Institutes of Health and the Rhodes Trust Announce Affiliation, November 29, 2004
Scientists Generate Human Islet Precursor Cells in Culture from Cadaveric Insulin–producing Cells, November 25, 2004
Protein Plays Different Roles in Growth of Normal and Cancerous Mouse Cell Lines, November 24, 2004
New Study Finds Link Between Obesity and Atrial Fibrillation, November 23, 2004
Similar Decline Over Decades in Cardiovascular Disease Rates for People with and without Diabetes, November 23, 2004

November 15-21, 2004
NCI Funds 17 Early Detection Research Network Biomarker Development Laboratories, Sustaining the Momentum of Biomarker Discovery, November 19, 2004
Nation's Most Comprehensive Cancer Incidence and Mortality Report Shows Prostate Leading Newly Diagnosed Cancer among Men; Breast Cancer Leads for Women, November 19, 2004
The NIH Funds Network to Study Drug-induced Liver Injury (DILIN), November 19, 2004
HHS Awards $10.4 Million to Fight AIDS on Three Continents, November 18, 2004
Portion Distortion Web Site: Learn How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain by Watching Portion Sizes, November 18, 2004
NCI Scientists Create Model That Predicts Follicular Lymphoma Survival, November 18, 2004
Ultrasound-aided Therapy Better Than Stroke Drug Alone, Trial Finds, November 17, 2004
NIDA Joins Forces With Perlegen To Research Nicotine Addiction, November 17, 2004
World Health Organization Director-General to Speak December 6 at David E. Barmes Global Health Lecture, November 16, 2004
Research with Red Tide Toxin Yields Potential Therapies for Cystic Fibrosis, November 16, 2004
NIAAA Releases New Alcohol Prevention Website for Middle Schoolers, November 16, 2004
Infection Puts Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants at Risk For Developmental Delays, November 16, 2004
Diabetes Among Older Adults Imposed An Estimated $133.5 Billion Cost in 1990's, November 15, 2004
Enzyme Essential To Sperm Movement Provides Target for New Contraceptive Approach, November 15, 2004
NIEHS to Develop New RNAi Library to Help Fight Disease, November 15, 2004
NIAID Launches Expanded Flu Web Site for the Media, November 15, 2004
NIAID Launches Influenza Genome Sequencing Project, November 15, 2004
Computer Models to Simulate Hypothetical Outbreak of Avian Flu, November 15, 2004

November 8-14, 2004
Internationally Acclaimed Pianist Gives Thanks to the National Institutes of Health for Innovative Treatment That Enabled His Comeback, November 12, 2004
HHS Awards More Than $24 Million to Eliminate Health Disparities, November 12, 2004
Javits Neuroscience Investigator Award Recognizes Eight Exemplary Scientists, November 10, 2004
NHGRI Names New Chief of Cancer Genetics Branch, November 10, 2004
Crohn's Disease Treatment Shows Promise in Clinical Trial, November 10, 2004
No Increase in Deaths or Hospitalizations for Heart Failure Patients Who Have a Pulmonary Artery Catheter, November 9, 2004
NCI and Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Launch Unique Web-based Research Map, November 8, 2004
Ernest T. Hawk to Head National Cancer Institute Office of Centers, Training and Resources, November 8, 2004
National Cancer Institute Wins FREDDIE Award for Its Web Site, November 8, 2004
NIDA Researchers Develop New Genetic Strain of Mice To Study Nicotine Addiction, November 8, 2004
Young Adults who Maintain Their Weight, Even if Overweight, Have Lower Risk Factor Levels for Heart Disease in Early Middle Age, November 8, 2004

November 1-7, 2004
ACE Inhibitors Not Needed for Many Heart Disease Patients, According to New Study, November 7, 2004
$2.8 Million Public-Private Partnership To Examine How Surroundings Can Encourage Active Lifestyles, November 4, 2004
NIH Funds Seven Science Education Partnership Awards, November 4, 2004
Statement on the Death of John R. La Montagne, Ph.D., NIAID Deputy Director, November 3, 2004
Researchers Grow Sperm Stem Cells in Laboratory Cultures, November 3, 2004
NIDA Study Finds High School Program Yields Health Benefits for Female Athletes, November 1, 2004
Smokers With Psychiatric Disorders Including Nicotine Dependence Consume Most U.S. Cigarettes, November 1, 2004
NIAID Launches Program to Improve Medical Tools Against Emerging Infectious Diseases, November 1, 2004
Pediatricians Can Help Immigrant Mothers By Explaining Child Development, NICHD Study Suggests, November 1, 2004

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