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May 1998

May 22-31, 1998
Mutated Gene Identified for a Common Type of Deafness, May 29, 1998
NIAID 50th Anniversary Symposium: Vaccines for Prevention and Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases, May 28, 1998
Psychiatrists Focus on Latest Drug Addiction Research at Annual Meeting in Toronto, May 27, 1998
Gorgas Memorial/Leon Jacobs Lecture, May 27, 1998
Light Reduction Does Not Affect Blinding Eye Disease in Premature Infants, May 27, 1998
Scientists Say Latently Infected Cells May Stoke the Fire of HIV Replication, May 26, 1998

May 15-21, 1998
COGA Genome Scan Suggests Linkage on Chromosomes 1, 2, 4, and 7, May 20, 1998
Neurogenetics Lab Scan Suggests Genetic Linkage on Chromosomes 4 and 11, May 20, 1998
COGA Suggests Genetic Loci for P3 Brain Wave Abnormality, May 20, 1998
New Agreement Helps to Improve Transatlantic Cancer Clinical Research, May 19, 1998
Adding TaxolŽ to Initial Chemotherapy May Be New Option When Breast Cancer Has Spread to Lymph Nodes, May 18, 1998
HIV/AIDS Vaccine Research, May 15, 1998
NIH Names New Director for AIDS Research, May 15, 1998
Oceans of Health and Discovery at New Lisbon Expo, May 15, 1998

May 8-14, 1998
NCI Comment on the Early Breast Cancer Trialists' Collaborative Group Meta-Analysis of Tamoxifen for Early Breast Cancer, May 14, 1998
15 Drugs, Dyes and Other Chemicals Newly Listed as Known or Likely Human Carcinogens, May 14, 1998
Communities Honor HIV/AIDS Vaccine Volunteers, May 13, 1998
Scientists Identify Gene Involved in Sensitivity to Cocaine, May 13, 1998
Nasal Spray Vaccine Prevents Both the Flu and Flu-Related Earaches, May 13, 1998
Economic Costs of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Estimated at $246 Billion in The United States, May 13, 1998
Questions and Answers About Anti-Angiogenesis Research, May 8, 1998

May 1-7, 1998
Severity of Brain Changes During Nicotine Withdrawal Comparable to Those for Other Drugs of Abuse, May 6, 1998
Cystic Fibrosis Gene Protects Against Typhoid Fever, May 6, 1998
Questions and Answers About NCI's Role in the Development of HerceptinŽ, May 5, 1998
Popular TV Shows and Movies Receive Prism Awards for Scientific Accuracy in Showing Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, May 5, 1998
Arthritis Prevalence Rising as Baby Boomers Grow Older Osteoarthritis Second Only to Chronic Heart Disease in Worksite Disability, May 5, 1998
National Eye Institute Announces New Clinical Trials Database on their Web Site, May 4, 1998
NCI Announces New cancerTrials World Wide Web Site, May 4, 1998
New Brochure Helps Launch NCI Effort to Increase Cancer Treatment Trial Enrollment, May 4, 1998
NCI Statement on Animal Studies of Endostatin and Angiostatin, May 4, 1998
Gene Therapy Technique May Allow Researchers To Suppress Abnormal Protein In Bone Disorder, May 2, 1998

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