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May 2003

May 22-31, 2003
NCI and FDA Announce Joint Program to Streamline Cancer Drug Development, May 30, 2003
Charles C.J. Carpenter, M.D. Receives John E. Fogarty Recognition Award For International Health, May 29, 2003
Detroit Summit to Bring African American Women Together to Reduce SIDS Risk, May 29, 2003
Rates of Dementia Increase Among Older Women on Combination Hormone Therapy, May 27, 2003

May 15-21, 2003
Lithium Shows Promise Against Alzheimer's in Mouse Model, May 21, 2003
Leader in Computational Biology is First Director of NIGMS Center, May 21, 2003
Fogarty International Center Announces New Fogarty-Ellison International Clinical Research Training Program for U.S. and Developing Country Students in the Health Sciences, May 20, 2003
Progress Made in Sequencing Of Model Organisms' Genomes, May 20, 2003
Landmark Cooperative Federal Study Defines the Role of Lung Surgery in the Treatment of Severe Emphysema , May 20, 2003
Nation's Youth Create Visions of Eye Health, May 20, 2003
Misbehaving Molecules: 3-Dimensional Pictures of ALS Mutant Proteins Support Two Major Theories About How the Disease is Caused, May 18, 2003
International HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, May 18, 2003
NIEHS, NTP Director Kenneth Olden to Receive Honorary Doctorate in Science from University of Rochester at Commencement May 18, May 16, 2003
NIAID to Sponsor Meeting on SARS Research, May 16, 2003
Many Americans Think an HIV/AIDS Vaccine Already Exists, May 15, 2003
Genetics Home Reference, May 15, 2003

May 8-14, 2003
New Mouse Model Will Aid Research on Premature Aging Syndrome, May 14, 2003
NHLBI Issues New High Blood Pressure Clinical Practice Guidelines, May 14, 2003
Research Shows That Distinct Patterns of Functional Decline in the Last Year of Life Indicate the Need for Different Approaches to Palliative Care, May 13, 2003
NIH Awards Grants for Six New Autism Research Centers, May 13, 2003
Reduced Daily Eye Patching Effectively Treats Childhood's Most Common Eye Disorder, May 12, 2003
Study Confirms Safety of Placing Infants to Sleep on their Backs Infants Who Sleep on Back Have Fewer Fevers and Ear Infections, May 12, 2003
Coalition To Promote Kidney Disease Prevention Among African Americans, May 12, 2003
Atlanta Kidney Disease Education Campaign Launch, May 12, 2003
Stroke Recovery Rates Slower for African Americans, May 8, 2003

May 1-7, 2003
Gene Enhances Prefrontal Function at a Price, May 7, 2003
Pressure Combined with Heat Reduces Prion Infectivity in Processed Meats, May 5, 2003
HHS and NHLBI Commemorate World Asthma Day 2003 "Communities Working for Life and Breath:" U.S. Theme, May 5, 2003
Papers of Public Health Expert, Fred Lowe Soper Added to Profiles in Science, May 5, 2003
Bed Sharing with Siblings, Soft Bedding, Increase SIDS Risk, May 5, 2003
May 5th NIDA Addiction Research News, May 2, 2003

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