NIH Press Release
National Institute of Child Health
and Human Development

Tuesday, Mar. 11, 1997

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Wilmut to Speak on Mammalian Cloning
at NICHD Laboratory Seminar

Dr. Ian Wilmut of The Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland, will present a lecture on "Mammalian Cloning: Cell Cycle Effects on the Development of Embryos Produced by Nuclear Transfer." This lecture will be hosted by the NICHD's Laboratory of Molecular Embryology on Thursday, March 13, 1997 and will take place 11 a.m., in Masur Auditorium, Building 10, on the NIH campus. The presentation will also be available on the NIH campus via closed-circuit television in the Lipsett Auditorium, also in Building 10, and via the NIH cable channel, 40/41. A short question and answer session on the lecture topic will follow the lecture. Space in the auditorium is limited and early arrival is recommended.

Only one television camera will be allowed in the auditorium and television reporters will be asked to pool. Radio/audio hookups will also be available.