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Thursday, Mar. 27, 1997

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Statement from the National Cancer Institute on the
National Cancer Advisory Board Recommendations on Mammography

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) accepts the recommendations of the National Cancer Advisory Board on screening mammography.

As a result, NCI will recommend that:

The board also stated that because of mammography's limitations, it is important that a clinical breast examination by a health care provider be included as part of regular, routine health care. NCI will include that statement in its recommendations.

Richard Klausner, M.D., NCI director, expressed his gratitude to the board for coming to closure on the issue quickly and for helping to bring clarity to this important issue. He said the board also made important recommendations for future research on breast cancer screening and education, and that NCI would address those research recommendations.

Klausner said the institute will immediately begin to develop new educational materials to communicate the screening recommendations and to help women and health professionals determine an individual's breast cancer risk. He said that NCI also will work with the American Cancer Society, other government agencies, advocacy organizations, cancer centers, and other groups to educate the public and health professionals about the benefits, limitations, and risks of screening mammography.

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