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March 2001

March 22-31, 2001
New Core Centers to Open Pathways for Studying Rheumatic Diseases, March 30, 2001
Scientists Find New Tumor Suppressor Gene Involved in Breast, Prostate and Other Cancers, March 30, 2001
Scientists Repair Damage From Heart Attack Using Adult Bone Marrow Stem Cells in Mice, March 30, 2001
Old Drug May Offer New Hope to Victims of Childhood Neuro-Degenerative Disease, March 30, 2001
Mouse Model of Food Allergies Reveals Cause of Inflammation, March 28, 2001
More Rigorous Studies Needed to Advance Emerging Dental Caries Diagnostic and Management Strategies, Says NIH Consensus Panel, March 28, 2001
Fogarty International Center Establishes Sheldon M. Wolff, M.D. Fellowship on International Health, March 28, 2001
"Managing Diversity in the New Millennium", March 28, 2001
Fighting the White Plague, March 24, 2001

March 15-21, 2001
Federal Government Makes Final Call for Data, Public Comment Before Writing New Report on Cancer-Causing Substances, March 22, 2001
Popular Pain Analgesics Found to Affect Central Nervous System, March 21, 2001
Transplants of Sibling Stem Cells Show Promise for Immune Disorder, March 21, 2001
NIMH Hosts Science Research Forum in Pittsburgh, March 20, 2001
NIDA NewsScan, March 19, 2001

March 8-14, 2001
New Tools for Health Care Providers and the Public to Combat Overweight and Obesity, March 15, 2001
Advance Directives Found Key to Reducing Stress for Families of Hospitalized Patients at the End of Life, March 15, 2001
Scientists Identify Process That Plays Key Role in Brain Changes Involved in Cocaine Addiction, March 14, 2001
New Research Registry to Examine Rheumatoid Arthritis in African Americans, March 14, 2001
NIH Consensus Panel Will Weigh Evidence on Best Ways to Prevent, Detect, and Treat Tooth Decay, March 14, 2001
Technology is Shaping the Future of Health Care, March 12, 2001
Exploring Your Brain, March 12, 2001
Students Brainstorm with Neuroscientists, Brain Awareness Week Programs to be held March 14-15, March 12, 2001
Innovative Technology Helps Public Touch Treasures: National Library of Medicine to Launch "Turning the Pages", March 12, 2001

March 1-7, 2001
Don't Get Rid of That Cat Yet, Say Asthma Researchers, March 8, 2001
Twin Study Reveals Genetic Link to Musical Pitch Recognition, March 8, 2001
New Prime-Boost HIV Vaccine Strategy Shows Promise in Monkeys, March 8, 2001
NIAAA Launches COMBINE Clinical Trial, March 8, 2001
Study Confirms Gender Differences in Progression from HIV to AIDS, March 7, 2001
Mouse Gene Trap Helps Decipher Brain's Wiring Diagram, March 7, 2001
Save-the-date — NIDA to Announce New Public Health Initiative: "Prescription Drugs: Misuse, Abuse, and Addiction", March 7, 2001
Methamphetamine Abuse Leads to Long-Lasting Changes in the Human Brain that are Linked to Impaired Coordination and Memory, March 1, 2001

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