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March 2000

March 22-31, 2000
National Alcohol Screening Day (April 6)- A National Wake-up Call, March 30, 2000
Low Blood Levels of HIV Reduce Risk of Heterosexual Transmission, March 29, 2000
NIH Consensus Panel Addresses Osteoporosis Prevention, Diagnosis, and Therapy, March 29, 2000
Methamphetamine Abuse Linked to Long-Term Damage to Brain Cells, March 27, 2000
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Launches National Initiative to Prevent Underage Drinking, March 23, 2000
White House-Initiated NIH Conference is First to Focus on Finding a Cure for Epilepsy, March 23, 2000
NIH Consensus Development Conference Will Address Osteoporosis Prevention, Diagnosis and Therapy, March 23, 2000
Holiday Weight Gain Slight, But May Last A Lifetime, March 22, 2000

March 15-21, 2000
Gene Tracking Follows Cells From Embryo To Adult, March 21, 2000
EPA, OSHA and CPSC Accept Non-Animal System for Screening Chemicals' Skin Corrosiveness, March 21, 2000
Researchers Identify Alcohol Antagonists in Neural Cells, March 20, 2000
NIAMS-Funded Analysis of Glucosamine/Chondroitin Sulfate Trials Shows Probable Usefulness for Osteoarthritis, March 20, 2000
NCI and CDC Collaborate on a Comprehensive Cancer Surveillance and Control System, March 17, 2000
EnbrelŪ Shown Safe, Effective in Children and Teenagers with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, March 17, 2000
Discovery of Taste Receptors May Make Bitter a Bygone Taste, March 16, 2000
NIAID-Supported Scientists Decipher Genetic Code for "Chlamydia" Species: Implications for Diseases from STDs to Atherosclerosis, March 15, 2000

March 8-14, 2000
NIAID Researchers Discover Why Some HIV-Infected People Don't Develop AIDS, March 15, 2000
Students Learn What's Really on Their Minds, March 13, 2000
NHLBI Stops Part of Study - High Blood Pressure Drug Performs No Better Than Standard Treatment, March 8, 2000

March 1-7, 2000
New Study Underscores Effectiveness of Methadone Maintenance as Treatment for Heroin Addiction, March 7, 2000
New Initiatives to Protect Participants in Gene Therapy Trials, March 7, 2000
NIMH Launches National Outreach Partnership, March 7, 2000
Project Enlists Community Physicians in Cancer Research, March 6, 2000
Formula Additives Boost Small Children's Intelligence in Study, March 6, 2000
NIAID Releases "The Jordan Report 2000: Accelerated Development of Vaccines", March 2, 2000
NIDA Survey Finds Practitioners Would Treat Addicted Patients With Office Based Methadone, March 1, 2000

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