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December 1999

December 22-31, 1999
One in Four Children Exposed to Family Alcohol Abuse or Alcoholism, December 30, 1999
Gene Mutation Results in Missing Teeth, December 29, 1999
A Big First Step in Reducing Animal Testing: FDA, EPA, OSHA and CPSC Accept Alternative Test for Allergic Contact Dermatitis Following Review, Approval by an Independent Scientific Panel, December 28, 1999
NCI Establishes Consortium to Develop Mouse Models of Human Cancers, December 28, 1999
NIAID Renews Funding for the Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group, December 22, 1999

December 15-21, 1999
NIAMS Launches Multiple Projects in Autoimmunity , December 21, 1999
NIH Conference to Assess State of Medical Implants Research Information on Implant Performance Lacking in the U.S., December 17, 1999
Cancer Review Set for Nine Substances, Three Used to Make Materials Less Flammable, December 17,1999
Nicotine Vaccine Shows Promise for Combating Tobacco Addiction, December 17,1999
Secretary's Advisory Committee on Genetic Testing Launches Public Consultation on Oversight of Genetic Tests, December 15,1999
'Snap Shot' Captures Key Cancer-Search and Destroy Enzyme, December 15,1999

December 8-14, 1999
Cancer Survivorship Research and Support, December 14, 1999
Study Shows Secretin Fails to Benefit Children with Autism, December 8, 1999
The National Cancer Institute Publishes New Atlas of Cancer Mortality, December 8, 1999
Molecular Traffic Signal Could Be New HIV Drug Target, December 8, 1999

December 1-7, 1999
Statement on the Report Released on December 6, 1999, by the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and the Stanley Foundation Research Program, December 7, 1999
Gene Found for Papillon-Lefevre Syndrome A Disorder Affecting Skin and Gums, December 7, 1999
Health Education Leads to More Eye Exams in Group at Risk for Vision Loss, December 6, 1999
NCI Awards First Grants for the Director's Challenge, December 3, 1999
ORWH, NIEHS and ASCB to Sponsor a Workshop on Advancing Women's Contributions to Science, December 2, 1999
Club Drugs Take Center Stage in New National Education and Prevention Initiative by NIDA and National Partners, December 2, 1999
NIH Publishes Draft Guidelines for Stem Cell Research, December 1, 1999
Dr. Harold Slavkin To Resign as NIDCR Director, December 1, 1999
Scientists Complete First Chapter of Book of Life with Decoding of First Human Chromosome, December 1, 1999

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