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April 1999

April 22-30, 1999
Gene Therapy for Pain, April 30, 1999
NIH Animal Model Uncovers a Role of BRCA1-Associated Breast Tumor Formation, April 29, 1999
Immune Response To Hepatitis B Spares Liver Cells, April 29, 1999
New Drug May Help Women With Infertility Syndrome, April 28, 1999
Vitamin D Deficiency May Increase Risk of Hip Fracture in Older Women, April 27, 1999
NIAID Grantees Receive International Prize For Findings On Immune System, April 27, 1999
NHLBI Urges Americans To Take Control of Their Hypertension, April 26, 1999
Ensuring Safe and Effective Psychotropic Medications for Children, April 23, 1999

April 15-21, 1999
Statement from Claude Lenfant, M.D., NHLBI Director, on Trends in Hypertension, April 21, 1999
Fetal Cell Therapy Benefits Some Parkinson's Patients, April 21, 1999
Annual Report Shows Continuing Decline in U.S. Cancer Incidence and Death Rates; Special Section Focuses on Lung Cancer and Tobacco Smoking, April 20, 1999
Questions and Answers: Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer, 1973-1996, With a Special Section on Lung Cancer and Tobacco Smoking, April 20, 1999
NIH Research Shows 100 to 200 Mg of Vitamin C Daily May Benefit Healthy Adults, April 20, 1999
NIAID Renews Funding for Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study, April 20, 1999
Chronic Marijuana Users Become Aggressive During Withdrawal, April 20, 1999
NIH Names 20 Members to First Council of Public Representatives, April 16, 1999
Interim Results of Large Trials of High-Dose Chemotherapy With Bone Marrow or Stem Cell Transplants for Breast Cancer, April 15, 1999

April 8-14, 1999
People with Diabetes Benefit Less from National Decline in Heart Disease Deaths, April 13, 1999
National Institute On Drug Abuse and Kmart Kids Race Against Drugs Join Forces in Massive National Drug Awareness Program, April 13, 1999
Federally Sponsored Panel To Look At Data On Plasticizers: Do They Harm Reproduction, Or Children's Development?, April 12, 1999
National Library of Medicine Unveils Web-based Online Catalog, April 12, 1999
Korea-U.S. Forum on Emerging Infectious Diseases To Be Held In Bethesda, Maryland, April 12, 1999
NIH/FDA Meeting on Biomarkers and Surrogate Endpoints, April 9, 1999
Dr. Louis Miller, Malaria Researcher, Receives 1999 Common Wealth Award, April 9, 1999
NIAMS Funds Two New Core Centers for Musculoskeletal Disorders, April 9, 1999
IOM Report Offers New Look at U.S. Vaccine Priorities, April 8, 1999

April 1-7, 1999
Women Born with Birth Defects Run Small Risk Their Children Will Have Them, April 7, 1999
Study Furthers Understanding of Critical Alzheimer's Disease Gene, April 7, 1999
NICHD-Funded Researchers Show Estrogen Effects on Brain After Menopause, April 6, 1999
First Meeting of the NIH Director's Council of Public Representatives (COPR), April 5, 1999
Surgeon General Helps To Launch First-Ever National Alcohol Screening Day, April 5, 1999
Dr. Alfred Gordon to Direct New NINDS Office of Special Programs in Neuroscience, April 5, 1999
Researchers Discover Genetic Mutations that Define a New Family of Inflammatory Diseases, April 2, 1999
NIH Will Hold Public Meeting About Stem Cell Research, April 2, 1999

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