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April 2003

April 22-30, 2003
Anthrax Genome Decoded, April 30, 2003
Sir David Weatherall Named Fogarty Scholar in Residence, April 30, 2003
Gene Discovery Opens Door to Further Research In Inherited Neurological Disorders, April 28, 2003
NICHD Study To Test Surgical Technique to Repair Spinal Defect Before Birth, April 25, 2003
HHS and NCI Launch National Campaign to Address Diet-Related Diseases Affecting African-American Men, April 24, 2003
Early Diagnosis of Usher Syndrome Type 1 Made Possible by New Findings, April 23, 2003
Fogarty International Center (FIC) Hosts Two-Day Global Health Symposium, April 23, 2003

April 15-21, 2003
NHGRI Researchers Go Back to School for National DNA Day, April 22, 2003
Study Boosts Confidence in Potential Screening Tool for Alzheimer's Disease, April 22, 2003
NHLBI Study Finds All-in-one Approach to Lifestyle Changes Effectively Lowers Blood Pressure, April 22, 2003
Renowned Psychiatrist, Dr. David Spiegel, to Speak on the Role of Hypnosis and Group Support in Medical Care, April 22, 2003
Scientists Discover Unique Source of Postnatal Stem Cells, April 21, 2003
Study Suggests Ovarian Cancer Cells Can Alter Surroundings to Promote Self-Preservation, Chemotherapy Resistance, April 21, 2003
Twins, Close Brothers, Sisters Sought for Study of Causes Of Rheumatic Diseases Such as Lupus, Sclerosis, Myopathy, April 21, 2003
Key to Hepatitis Virus Persistence Found, April 17, 2003
Sloppy Repair Helps Tuberculosis Bug Resist Drugs, April 17, 2003
Researchers Identify Gene for Premature Aging Disorder, April 16, 2003
Environmental Health Institute Announces Advances in Genomics, April 16, 2003
NIEHS Reaches Important Milestone in Characterizing Genes That Influence Human Susceptibility to Environmentally Induced Diseases, April 16, 2003

April 8-14, 2003
Gene Variation in Immune System Cells Lowers Heart Disease Risk, April 15, 2003
New Members Appointed to NIBIB Council, April 15, 2003
International Consortium Completes Human Genome Project, April 14, 2003
Genetic Blueprint for Q Fever Bacterium Unveiled, April 14, 2003
The Washington, DC Area Hosts THE EYE SITE: A Traveling Exhibit on Low Vision, April 14, 2003
Bullies, Victims at Risk for Violence and Other Problem Behaviors, April 14, 2003
Proteomics Research Aids Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment, April 9, 2003
Genes, Brain and Behavior Symposium April 16, April 9, 2003
NIDA Addiction Research News, April 9, 2003

April 1-7, 2003
Sites Chosen for NIH and Gates Foundation Global Network for Women's and Children's Health Research, April 3, 2003
5th National Screening Day To Focus Americans on Alcohol and Health, April 2, 2003
Strong Religious Views Decrease Teens' Likelihood of Having Sex, April 2, 2003
Colorado Blending Conference Scheduled, April 2, 2003
NCI Study Estimates More Than 2 Million Women Could Benefit From Tamoxifen, April 1, 2003
Hydroxyurea Therapy Improves Survival in Most Severely Affected Sickle Cell Patients, April 1, 2003
NIMH Launches First Public Health Education Campaign to Reach Men with Depression, April 1, 2003

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