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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

December 10, 2004

To: IC Directors
From: Director, Executive Secretariat
Subject: IC Directors Meeting Highlights—October 28, 2004

Discussion Items

I. NCCAM Strategic Plan

Dr. Straus presented the draft NCCAM Strategic Plan (2005-2009), describing it as a series of goals and objectives to guide NCCAM in prioritizing its investments. He reported that it builds upon the foundation laid in NCCAM's first five-year plan. In developing the Plan, NCCAM reviewed its accomplishments, summarized the lessons it has learned, and noted the challenges it faces. Noting that it would be published on the NCCAM Web site in mid-November, he welcomed any feedback or insights and thanked his fellow IC Directors for their collaborations with NCCAM.

II. Public Access Update

Dr. Zerhouni updated the group on Public Access issues, noting that the public comment period ends on November 16. Explaining that the NIH does not now have a compendium of all published research emanating from its grants, he stressed that this effort would not only provide public access but also a way for NIH to further analyze its contributions. He expressed concern that many common misunderstandings continue to exist and asked everyone to correct such misapprehensions when given the opportunity.

III. Conflict of Interest Update

Dr. Kington reported that NIH and the Office of the Secretary are progressing on the development of interim supplementary conflict of interest regulations that will be published in the Federal Register.

IV. Steering Committee Update

Dr. Kington summarized the most recent steering committee meeting, which focused on exploring new techniques for coding research and portfolios.

V. Information Items

Dr. Zerhouni bade farewell to and thanked Karen O’Steen for her service as the Director of the NIH Executive Secretariat for the past 17 years and her more recent role as a senior advisor to him. Ms. O’Steen leaves the NIH to go to CMS as the Director of the Office of Operations Management. The group gave her a warm round of applause.

Dr. Zerhouni also thanked Dr. Sam Wilson for his efforts on behalf of NIEHS as it awaits the arrival of its new permanent Director.

Mr. Turman reported on the Continuing Resolution.

Dale Johnson
cc: OD Senior Staff

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*** This page is archived and provided for reference purposes only ***