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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

November 17, 2005

To: IC Directors
From: Senior Policy Analyst, Executive Secretariat
Subject: IC Directors Meeting Highlights—July 14, 2005

Dr. Zerhouni opened the meeting by welcoming Dr. Schwartz, who was attending his first IC Directors meeting since beginning as Director of NIEHS, and leading the group in a round of applause.

Discussion Items

I. Knock Out Mouse Project (KOMP)

Dr. Battey summarized the rationale for the NIH working to establish a comprehensive knock out mouse resource and the work done so far on the project. He reviewed the recommendations of the March 2005 workshop and outlined five initiatives proposed by the KOMP working group to implement those recommendations. After presenting cost estimates for the initiatives and thanking those ICs already actively participating in the project, Dr. Battey emphasized that although the project will involve moderate costs now for all ICs that join, it will result in large cost savings in the future.

Discussion that followed reflected support from many among the group. Drs. Battey and Collins wrapped up by saying they would distribute the slides used in the morningís presentation and look forward to responses from the ICs regarding participation in funding the project.

Before moving on to the next item on the agenda, Dr. Zerhouni asked Dr. Collins to briefly update the group regarding possible acquisition of knock out mouse and phenotyping resources from DeltaGen. Dr. Collins reported that developments during negotiations had somewhat changed DeltaGenís circumstances, but that work toward acquiring the resources was still going on. Some participants suggested and the group, including Dr. Zerhouni, agreed that the change in circumstances called for a re-examination of the NIHís role in preserving DeltaGenís valuable resources.

II. Draft Reauthorization Bill

Referring to the discussion draft of an NIH reauthorization bill that was distributed in advance of the meeting, Dr. Zerhouni described the current situation as fluid and asked for the groupís feedback regarding the draft to help him in addressing anticipated questions during the hearing scheduled for July 19.

Mr. Smolonsky reviewed the background of NIH reauthorization and of Mr. Bartonís personal interest in the issue. He then summarized the major provisions of the discussion draft. Broad discussion followed his remarks. Afterward, Mr. Smolonsky said he already had many written comments from IC Directors and could continue to receive more, and he noted that OLPA and OGC were carefully analyzing the entire draft. Dr. Zerhouni emphasized the opportunity for the groupís concerns and ideas to inform his testimony at the upcoming hearing.

Tom Gill

cc: OD Senior Staff

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*** This page is archived and provided for reference purposes only ***