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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

August 9 , 2007

To: IC Directors
From: Kerry Brink, Assistant to the Deputy Director, NIH
Subject: IC Directors Meeting Highlights—May 31, 2007

Discussion Item

I. The Impact of Research on Improving Health Care: Challenges and Policy Opportunities Dr. Mark B. McClellan, AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies

Dr. McClellan is a former Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), an M.D. (Harvard- MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology) and a Ph.D. Economist (MIT). He is currently a visiting Senior Fellow at the AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies and is reviewing how the FDA and CMS, and their constituents, interpret and apply NIH research. He is also exploring opportunities to speed and enhance the impact of NIH funded research on medical practice.

Dr. McClellan explained that tremendous progress has been made in the health of this nation, including the rise in life expectancy, as a result of biomedical research. He stressed that a major component of health care policy is the driving need to develop and implement improvements in high-quality, innovative and affordable health care. Rising health care costs absorb an increasing share of national production and threaten affordability of health care for many Americans who are frustrated that they either will not benefit or cannot afford new treatments. More rapid progression in improving health care systems is needed as well as bold actions on reform for more integrated approaches to healthcare, including prevention and potential for behavior change.

Dr. McClellan sited the example of the Duke University Hospital model which intervenes early with patients and gets involved in steps to stay well. Successful delivery systems are those that can address delivering more value and better health care at lower cost. He articulated that changes in health care policy should focus on measures and outcomes. With better measures, policy can be improved. Through performance-based payments, there is incentive for documented preventive care and improved outcomes.

Dr. Zerhouni commended Dr. McClellan in his undertaking to improve health care policy and that his experience and expertise will serve to influence positive changes. Discussion ensued about the rising cost of health care, the need for better tracking and reporting, and different approaches for more effective health care and health care policy.

Kerry Brink
cc: OD Senior Staff

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*** This page is archived and provided for reference purposes only ***