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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

June 10, 2003

To: IC Directors
From: Director, Executive Secretariat
Subject: IC Directors Meeting Highlights—May 29, 2003

Discussion Items:

I. Buildings and Facilities (B&F) Plan

Dr. Hodes summarized facilities priorities and other background for decisionmaking regarding development of the FY05 B&F budget.
He then presented three strategy options, with estimated total costs for each, for addressing the revitalization of Building 10
within the overall context of plans for the Translational Research Program:

Option 1: A reduced scope full renovation of Building 10.

Option 2: Partial renovation of Building 10 for laboratory space related to translational research, followed by
development of the Animal Research Center (ARC) and South Quad labs.

Option 3: Development of the ARC and South Quad labs concurrent with minimal stabilization of Building 10,
followed by partial renovation of Building 10 for laboratory space. Dr. Hodes pointed out that we have addressed major
needs for maintaining the viability of Building 10 over the past several years and that reduced occupancy in the
building after completion of the CRC will reduce pressure on the building's infrastructure systems.

Option 3 provides for the earliest completion of the ARC and of the full program of facilities plans for the Translational
Research Program, but the latest completion of renovations of Building 10 for laboratory space. Option 3 might allow for other
B&F projects in FY06 or FY07; option 2, in FY08; option 1, in FY10.

The Scientific Directors have discussed these options and reached a consensus that option 3 is the best programmatically. But they
had concerns regarding the lack of lab space in proximity to the CRC's patient care space in options 2 and 3.

After discussion, the consensus of the IC Directors was that option 3 is best. They also agreed, however, on the need to
prevent budgeting for these facilities (especially in FY05) from impinging on extramural programs. Dr. Hodes pointed out that the
5-year B&F budget tables in the presentation were intended to outline the priorities for accommodating the programs in Building
10 in each option; they did not include all project priorities in the outyears and were subject to change as the final level for
the FY05 budget becomes defined.

II. Other Information Items

Dr. Kington updated the group on the work of the Administrative Restructuring Advisory Committee. The co-chairs of the eight
work groups met yesterday; the work groups are making good progress toward completion of their reports, which are due to
Dr. Kington on Monday. The ARAC will integrate the work groups' reports to complete the plan Dr. Zerhouni will present to the
Department. The Committee will give the IC Directors an opportunity to review that integrated plan when it has a full

Dr. Skirboll advised that she has proposed beginning to address the FTE implications of Roadmap initiatives in discussions at the
upcoming Budget Retreat.

Mr. Leasure will be attending a departmental retreat June 17-18, which will focus on implementation of the Department's
administrative initiatives, so he will need a good sense of ARAC and Roadmap plans by the time of that retreat.

Dr. Kington announced that the upcoming meeting of the Advisory Committee to the Director, NIH, is now scheduled for June 30.

Dr. Skirboll said that the IOM report on the structure of the NIH is supposed to be delivered on June 30.

Tom Gill
cc: OD Staff

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*** This page is archived and provided for reference purposes only ***