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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

May 21, 2002


IC Directors

From: Director, Executive Secretariat
Subject: IC Directors' Meeting Highlights — May 16, 2002


Mr. Christoferson reviewed the history of this NIH program on preventing and handling workplace violence, beginning with Dr. Kirschstein's policy memorandum of July 21, 1998. It defined violence, asked for the cooperation of all NIH employees to ensure a safe environment, and established a working group to build on the HHS initiative and determine NIH needs. The working group reported to Dr. Kirschstein and the Executive Officers in January 1999; the group recommended that NIH develop a policy statement; educate managers, supervisors, and staff; and develop an infrastructure to deal with violence in the workplace. As a result, CIVIL was created to coordinate the resources already existing at NIH. (The name stands for "civil behavior in the workplace.") CIVIL (2-4845) is the phone number staff may call with concerns or seeking advice. Mr. Christoferson said the program is working well with two response coordinators, one full-time (Ms. Sharon Steinberg) and one part-time (Ms. Penney Baile). Ms. Steinberg noted that domestic violence, dating and undating, and suicide threats, and disruptive behavior are the most prevalent issues CIVIL deals with. Mr. Christoferson stressed that CIVIL is an advisory program; it does not usurp IC responsibility. ICs can contact Ms. Steinberg to arrange for her to brief IC staff on the program.

II. Information Items

Dr. Kirschstein reported that Dr. Zerhouni will preside at the June ACD meeting. A good deal of the agenda deals with science education. The Boston University City Lab program is bringing students and a mobile lab. Students from the NIH Academy will also participate. She expects a larger outside audience than usual and asked IC Directors to let her know if they are coming so the appropriate number of seats can be reserved.

There will be a special IC Directors' meeting next Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. for principals only and a reduced number of OD staff.

Dr. Dean and Dr. Kirschstein reported that a total of $150 million in grants will be transferred to NIBIB as part of the FY03 appropriations process. Representatives Tauzin and Burr are satisfied with this outcome of the grants working group (which was mandated by report language for FY02). Dr. Kirschstein is scheduling meetings with staff of the appropriations committees. Dr. Dean acknowledged the assistance of NCI, NIGMS, NCRR, NINDS, NHLBI, and NIMH in this process. Dr. Kirschstein announced that Dr. Roderic Pettigrew will become the first Director of NIBIB sometime in September. He has asked Dr. Dean to remain with NIBIB as Deputy Director.

Dr. Maddox met last Friday with OS staff regarding NIH advisory committees and councils. The Secretary would like the flexibility to create several new committees; this will require the OPDIVS to reduce the number of existing committees. NIH has nine inactive committees that we are willing to abolish, but legislation is required to do so. Until now OS has not pursued this route. However, we now expect the Department's staff, working with NIH's legislative staff, to do so.

Dr. Skirboll said that once the Privacy Rule is final, OS will want us to provide information about compliance to all our research partners, including grantees and contractors.

Dr. von Eschenbach led a round of applause for Dr. Kirschstein as she concluded her last meeting as Acting Director, NIH.

Karen Pelham O'Steen
cc: OD Staff

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