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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

February 22, 2005

To: IC Directors
From: Director, Executive Secretariat
Subject: IC Directors Meeting Highlights—January 13, 2005

Discussion Items

I. HIVNET-012 Update

In order to clarify misinformation in recent news articles, Dr. Fauci presented a detailed retrospective of the HIVNET-012 study that has demonstrated the safety and efficacy of single dose nevirapine in preventing mother-to-infant HIV transmission. He was especially concerned and distressed, as was the group at large, that misinformation calling into question the safety and efficacy of single dose nevirapine might cause people in developing nations to avoid this life-saving therapeutic regimen and thus result in unnecessary suffering and death; and he urged that attendees consult the questions and answers on this study posted at http://www.niaid.nih.gov, as well as refer others to the site, which provides a point-by-point discussion and links to related material.

II. IC Directors Meeting Issues

Dr. Zerhouni announced that IC Directors meetings would soon begin to include a 30-minute presentation by an IC Director on an exciting or especially promising aspect of scientific research within his or her IC. The NIH Executive Secretariat will coordinate the presentation dates with the Directors.

III. NIH Budget Update

Dr. Zerhouni advised that the NIH faces challenging budget times. Urging that we remain focused on the scientific issues and needs of today, he asked that attendees work with the NIH Steering Committee to ensure that ideas on how to best manage are presented and explored fully. The Committee will soon form a group headed by Dr. Katz supported by Ms. Barros that will arrange an Executive Retreat.

IV. Farewell Visit

Dr. Zerhouni then welcomed the Secretary who had arrived for his farewell visit to the NIH. Secretary Thompson personally greeted and thanked each IC Director. Then speaking to the group at large about his pride at being able to have served with the best and the brightest in medical research, he praised the willingness he sensed in all NIH staff to work selflessly toward a better, stronger, healthier Country. He said he intended to continue to work in the area of health and discussed the exciting prospect of a new type of diplomacy, health diplomacy, to help close the health gaps between peoples of the world. Dr. Zerhouni recognized the Secretary as “one of a kind” in his humanity, compassion, and commitment and enumerated the many successful initiatives under his tenure.

Dale Johnson
cc: OD Senior Staff

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*** This page is archived and provided for reference purposes only ***