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Not only is NIH-funded research yielding many benefits right now, it will have a long-term impact on the future of our nation’s health, economy, and communities.

Today’s investment in basic research is critical for generating the scientific discoveries that will serve as the building blocks for tomorrow’s medical advances. With this in mind, NIH devotes about half of its budget to basic research. This funding has made possible many important advances in fundamental knowledge (PDF - 206KB). Evidence of this success is seen in the 211 NIH-supported researchers who have received Lasker Awards and 145 who have won Nobel Prizes.

American Association of Medical Collegesí interview with Anthony Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH, about the impact and value of NIH-funded research, Dec. 9, 2011

Our nation clearly needs bright, creative minds to turn discovery into health. Consequently, NIH’s continued ability to generate a positive impact depends heavily upon the future of the U.S. biomedical research workforce. Encouraging people from all walks of life to pursue careers in science and medicine will ensure the United States retains its status as the global leader in biomedical research (PDF - 122KB).

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NIH Research’s Impact on Scientific Knowledge (PDF - 206KB)

NIH Research Matters

Leadership in Decline External Web Site Policy, Information Technology & Innovation Foundation and United for Medical Research, 2012

Not Coming to America
(PDF - 1.6MB)
, The Partnership for a New American Economy, 2012

NIH Research Training & Career Development

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