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The NIH Director

NIH Leadership appearing on C-SPANís Washington Journal

C-SPAN’s Washington Journal has taken its show on the road in order to provide an in-depth look at issues throughout the country. NIH had the pleasure of hosting the show on the NIH campus for the first time in December 2013 and then again in February 2014. In their third visit to the NIH campus in September 2014, WJ spoke with Dr. Collins and more NIH directors about important, groundbreaking research for multiple diseases and conditions.

September 2014

Dr. Francis Collins

Dr. Collins discussed the Ebola crisis in West Africa and NIHís research on Ebola.

Dr. Patricia Grady

Dr. Grady addressed nursesí role in self-management of chronic conditions and wellness/prevention.

Dr. Griffin Rodgers

Dr. Rodgers talked about new research treating type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

February 2014

NIAMS Director Dr. Stephen Katz.

NIAMS Director Dr. Stephen Katz talked about musculoskeletal and skin diseases and the importance of developing new ways to prevent and treat these diseases.

NHLBI Director Dr. Gary Gibbons

NHLBI Director Dr. Gary Gibbons talked about leading chronic diseases such as heart disease and lung disease, and how healthy habits can help in preventing some of these diseases.

NICHD Director Dr. Alan Guttmacher

NICHD Director Dr. Alan Guttmacher talks about advances in treating child development and health issues such as preterm birth and child leukemia.

NINDS Director Dr. Story Landis

NINDS Director Dr. Story Landis talked about the most common neurological disorders such as stroke, Parkinsonís disease, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy.

December 2013

National Institutes of Health Mission and Role

NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins talked about the mission and role of the NIH, its medical research priorities, and the impact of the sequester cuts on biomedical research.

Infectious Disease Research and the National Institutes of Health

NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci talked about HIV/AIDS research, meningitis outbreaks, and the impact of sequestration on NIAID’s research portfolio.

Human Genome Research

NHGRI Director Dr. Eric Green talked about human genome research and its impact on the future of medicinal treatment in the U.S.

Cancer Research

NCI Director Dr. Harold Varmus talked about advances in cancer research and funding for cancer research.

Mental Health Research

NIMH Director Dr. Thomas Insel talked about advances in mental health research and treatment.

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