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Research & Training

Medical Research Initiatives

Precision Medicine Initiative

Silhouette of a group of people.
Learn about a research effort to revolutionize how we improve health and treat disease.

The BRAIN Initiative

Looking down on a graphical image of human brain.
Learn about a new Presidential focus aimed at revolutionizing our understanding of the human brain.

Accelerating Medicines Partnership

Tag cloud of words related to the Accelerating Medicines Partnership.
Learn about a bold new venture to help identify new treatments and cures for diseases.

OppNet: Basic Behavioral/Social Research

Photo of a mother kissing her sleeping baby on the nose.
Learn how NIH is pursuing opportunities for strengthening basic behavioral and social science research.

Women in Biomedical Careers

Photo of a female scientist pouring liquit into a test tube.
Learn how NIH is maximizing the potential of women scientists and engineers.

Stem Cell Information

Photo of a student and teacher with a microscope.
Learn about stem cells and stem cell research at the NIH.

NIH Common Fund

A scientific research-related abstract collage.
Learn how NIH is accelerating discovery by supporting cross-cutting, trans-NIH programs.

Blueprint for Neuroscience Research

Abstract image of horizontal and vertial lines on a blue background.
Learn how NIH is enhancing collaboration in support of research on the nervous system.

NIH Fact Sheets

Scientific representations of cells.
Learn about NIH-supported clinical studies, initiatives, and research endeavors currently underway.
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